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The first song from 'Dil Se' hit 1 Million views on YouTube


Under the Sri Chaitanya Creations banner, the movie titles Dil Se stars Abhinav Medishetti, Sasha Singh, Lovely Singh, Vismaya Sri, Venkatesh Kakumanu, and others in the lead roles. Ravi Kumar Sabbani is the director of this movie. Dil Se's shooting is mostly completed and the makers are working on the post-production activities.

The first song from Dil Se which goes by the lyrics 'Rendu Kannulatho' was released on YouTube earlier. The song Rendu Kannulatho got a huge response from the viewers and hits a Million views on YouTube. Shreya Ghoshal's soothing voice and foot-tapping rhythm from the song are being appreciated by all.

Young musician Srikar Velamuri has penned the lyrics and also composed the music for this song. Dil Se is prepping for its release soon.