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Urvashi Rautela's new look from emotional thriller 'Black Rose' drops!


'Black Rose', creatively supervised by Sampath Nandi, has got a new poster. Urvashi Rautela, the two-time Miss India Pageant winner, is seen in it. The emotional thriller is her Telugu debut.

The Telugu-Hindi bilingual has script by Sampath Nandi of ‘Racha’ and ‘Bengal Tiger’ fame. “This is a female-oriented film and is based on a character named Shylock from William Shakespeare's 'Merchant Of Venice’," the makers say.

"Transactions Which Have No Conscience or Morals... Are Indicators Of Death" is the film's underlying theme, which has been borrowed from Kautilya's ‘Arthashastra’.

Directed by Mohan Bharadwaj, the thriller is about a strong, modern woman named Vasudha. "She is a 30-year-old woman of beauty and kindness. She goes through a lot both personally and professionally. How she deals with her personal and professional crises is what the story is. People can be categorized into two kinds. Those who want to succeed in life. Those who want to survive. Vasudha belongs to the third category: She wants to be happy," the director says.

Produced by Srinivasaa Chhitturi of Srinivasaa Silver Screen, the film has been shot since mid-August. Music is by Mani Sharma.