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Sukumar launches Palasa 1978 song 


Director Sukumar has launched 'Nakkileesu Golusu' song from 'Palasa 1978', which is going to be released by GA2 Pictures and UV Creations banners. Starring Rakshith and Nakshatra in the leads, 'Palasa 1978' is based on some real incidents happened in Palasa in 70s. Karuna Kumar is the director and Dhyan Atluri is the producer. Tammareddy Bharadwaja presents it.

Sukumar said, "I know director Karuna Kumar since the days when he was a writer. I read some of his stories and they were very good. His first film as a director, 'Palasa 1978', is based on real incidents. Rakshith's acting surprised me. Though he is a new actor, he performed very well. Director Karuna Kumar has brought the village atmosphere on to screen well. Other directors should follow him in that aspect. The songs in the film are also very good. Uttarandhra folk songs are very famous. We used to sing those songs during college days. "Pakkana Paddadhi choodaro pillaa naadhi nakkileesu golusu' is one such song and I liked it. I congratulate Raghu Kunche who composed music and also played an important role in this movie. I wish this movie will become a super hit".