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Comedy film Shoorpanakha launched today


Bhargava, who got National Film Award ( Golden Lotus)with the 1st Ever Telugu Animation Film “Kittu” has teamed up with CR Productions for the Mythological Social Comedy Film “Shoorpanakha”, which started on the occasion of Ugadi today. Speaking on the occasion Writer-Director Bhargava hinted that this is a film with Shoorpanakha in Ramayana as the central character.

What would happen if Shoorpanakha comes to the contemporary world, why she came and what she did forms the crux of the film. In other words , this is the story of Ramayana from Shoorpanakha’s point of view – how she compares the then Lanka with the present society and her people with present generation is revealed in an enthralling and exhilarating way, added Bhargava.

One of the producer D.R. Reddy summed up that a well known actress will be playing the role of Shoorpanakha and details of all the actors , technicians will be out soon. He also mentioned that Visual Effects plays an important role and the pre-production is in full swing. The first schedule will commence in May-June. More details will be updated regularly.