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P Jaya Kumar's note on Ram Gopal Varma's false claims on his True claims


This is P Jaya Kumar the writer of Sarkar 3 and the alleging writer of God, Sex and Truth on whom Mr. Ram Gopal Varma made some allegations in his latest released press note. As a response, I request you to resonate my voice through your journalism.

Thanks in advance.

My note on Ram Gopal Varma's False Claims on my True claims:

As a writer it is my job to shop my scripts and in the process I keep on meeting directors out of which this RGV guy is one. Whenever he offered peanuts like 20-50 thousand rupees for my work, I told him that his personal, economical and creative standards couldn't permit him to afford my quality of work so I'd rather work on my own terms as the owner of my work. I told him that I come at a cost irrespective of his policies because if he failed to quantify my work there's no reason why I should charge based on his evaluation. That's why there's neither employment nor contract between him and me. So there's no question of any salary, employment or working for him when I created the content of my work.

Now coming to GST trailer, I don't know how many writers he "consulted" to compile it but the so called philosophical parts of it are clearly mine. You can check my court case files and prima facie evidence and see my version of the same ideas and statements "I" emailed him for a review which he pirated thinking they are his.

Since I didn't have any contract and also since he didn't seem like he was in a position to afford to make a contract, I divorced my thoughts and ideas with his and that means, he has no right over my creatives.

He with his male obsession of wielding power has completely missed the point about plagiarism. He’s used my words in order to place himself in a fantasy world. He says he doesn’t want to monetize the content because he’s already gotten what he desired - to “direct” a pornstar and be in a position to tell he what to do - as a puppeteer, not a facilitator of liberation. And then he anyways monetized the it.

Mia Malkova likely doesn’t even understand the words she speaks (and delivers quite poorly) - mine is a work of feminism and sexual revolution. RGV just wants to control women and used the philosophy of my text to get his foot in the door. Mia’s tweets also show that he must have told her that he shot Sunny Leone in order to get her attention.

He is now using my words and “projecting” his masculinity and heterosexuality through this pornographer version of my philosophical exposition. I find it sad that he is resorting to slandering me as a criminal when he is so desperately in the cage of his own sexuality.

He prides on being “macho” but he is just a sex freak with money. Whenever he offered me money for a handjob or a blowjob or an anal calling me to his hotel rooms, I was fighting against his demands of gratifying fantasies forgetting that by rejecting his offers, I was refusing his demands thus becoming more and more vulnerable to getting exploited. When you're a hopeful artist and if you see there's hope somewhere in successful people, it is just an illusion of power which seeps into your systems of control and takes over your senses. But his was a cold calculation. And when the time came, he showed his true colours. I don’t wish to be the sort of person to “out” a homosexual, especially when my creative career is coming under fire, but it’s high time that I stand up against his sexual harassment.

I'm neither attacking his masculinity nor his intellect because I already know he is dumb and impotent. I hope I'm not inadvertently stroking his ego - the convoluted prick might take the nod as a complement.

I'm not just talking about his sexual perversions but also about the overall impotence of a man who steals another man's intellect in order to get laid. He is just a Cyrano with a very small nose.

In fact, many of his girlfriends were totally unsatisfied by him, which is why they confided in me to gain insights from me to get his attention since they knew he was really attracted towards me.

While he is being most pompous about “his” creative product, I'm just trying to come off as right, even though I'm not being “righteous."

So why should I now let him happily live with whatever intellectual wealth he has taken from me without any quid pro quo thus resulting in an intellectual plundering in general?

There are many more young artists, writers, that he has abused like Harry Weinstein. I wish they will come forward with a #metooRGV campaign - he is like a catholic priest and has been abusing his power for too long.

If he’s done it once, and is doing it again, then he will continue - he narcissistically gets off on screwing young writers and using his position of power to blind the ambitions of new artists. Many times he showed the symptoms of owning up another creator's intellectual properties and now he believes his symptoms are his characteristic traits. He is an old artist with a dubious reputation. A plagiarism case may bring him more public appeal. And scandal is the source of media engagement - people watch entertainment based on their perceived cultural value in the contributors. Consumers rarely separate culture from consumption - they eat what they pray.

And he will eventually incorporate all of my and your writing into his future work if he’s left unchecked.

Ultimately I feel sad for this closeted old, washed up man who is without original thought and tries to overcompensate for his weakness by making films that will attract more unwitting young men into his circle.

Without the content he has taken from me, GST is neither philosophical nor a treatise. It's just porn. Same is the content of Sarkar 3 without my ideas. Without my ideas his life is lifeless therefore he is making a life out of my intellectual excrements these days.

I clearly told him orally in his hotel room sessions that my priority is about the value I create and since he couldn't acknowledge it I didn't want to salvage his fragile sissy emotions so I told him that I have a policy to officially disassociate with those who are incapable of compensating.

I'm sure he is going to love the way I'm describing him and therefore he'll save these words to use against anyone who he wants to intentionally hurt in future. But mentioning that would be repetitive to say the least about his parasitic nature.

I'm going to ignore his existence after this but I'm not going to let go of the existence of sick leeches who suck young blood and leave them cold hearted. He’s the Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood. I’m glad I'm calling him out. I request everyone to reread my story and join the fight.

Exposing him on his plagiarism was just the beginning.


Ram Gopal Varma also released some screenshot conversations with me and this is my response to it:

Ram Gopal Varma was making sexual advances towards me and that’s why I had to leave his circle. That's why I chose not to communicate with him, it doesn't mean I didn't deny his messages. I ignored his existence. And what's there to agree or deny when he was just desperately asking me and offering me money to come back and fullfill his fetishes?

I chose not to respond to his messages after all the terrible experiences.

My messages in the worthless screenshots he shared are nothing but me being strategic and able to get writing credits for my debut Sarkar 3 from the sex crazed animal he is. I let him release the project by also gaining my authorship and that's how I captured my credit.

My happiness is a measure of my creativity and when I felt it's the right time, I thought I don't anymore need to entertain his ego at the cost of struggling like a slave like the majority he wants to interact with. I couldn't make the ethical choice to lie and praise him and make him feel like the emperor he believes himself to be - satiate his self indulgence so I felt best staying away. It's a calculation. An emotionless calculation Unlike the way he responded when I came to him for what I thought I deserve for what I did for Sarkar 3.

But since he posted the screenshots, I'm responding now in public:

[2/13, 21:33] Ram: There's a reason why ur kind of guys will reach nowhere happened many times but I am surprised it's happening from u

Me: There's no way I want to reach anywhere with people like you.

[2/13, 21:38] Ram: The discussion on S3 with various writers has been happening since 2009 and I today don't even remember the interactions with the various but I am shocked with u for ur non dignity

Me: You can work with as many people as you want but you cannot attribute the progress of your life to the sex your parents had in creating you. A better analogy would be, you can't make a Shiva 2006 and give credits to Tanikella Bharani, Bruce Lee, Ardhsatya director etc. You give it to the guy who writes Shiva 2006. Simple.

Now Nilesh in his script killed Sarkar in the ending. Kashyap Das made Cheeku life a tragedy in the end. It's I who gave you the character arcs you finally shot. If you can't see it, I don't want to see you. Or you can prove me wrong and you don't have to see me anymore.

[2/13, 21:39] Ram: Anyway if u think it makes a difference to u ,tell Jeetu to add ur name

[2/13, 21:46] Ram: I thought Nilesh was bad enough but u???

[2/13, 21:47] Ram: I will give u a tip..instead of being like a junior artiste in one of the people in the credits put a case on me

[2/13, 21:48] Ram: That will serve ur purpose better than being a junior artiste in the credits

[2/13, 21:53] Ram: Am so disappointed in u and I request u to not reply

[2/13, 21:53] Ram: Just tell jeetu and Sudheer that u want credit

[2/15, 12:56] Ram: Are u not working anymore?

[2/15, 15:09] Ram: I hated the analogy of prostitution whore etc ...Understand that I work with multiple writers on the same subject and S3 work has been happening since ever with many writers..I get excited with many ideas from time to time but I change my mind again and again like u very well know ..I don't even remember what idea of urs I liked but I already told u to tell Anwar whatever credit u want ..And I don't need or want any emotional explanations...u will be paid 50 k per month and I would like u to do whatever job I assign u to do..u decide and let me know what credit u want for beautiful too ..Beyond this I don't have time and energy to waste baby sitting childish minds ..if u don't answer within an hour I will take it that u left

Ne: We're all prostitutes in terms of monetizing our assets.

Anyways, if you hated my analogy you could've professionally corrected it but comparing my work to junior artistry.. Comparing me the individual to some Nilesh without giving any context, it felt like you were throwing up on me all your insecurities. And then telling me to ask some assistant and Co-producer for credits is vulgar, unprofessional, immature, cheap and barbaric to say the least because I never ever dealt with anyone at your workplace except you. That's why I asked you and not anyone else.

Sharing some screenshots I have as attachments:

1. His sexual harrassments I had to bear.
2. His inability to complete a story and dependency on me.
3. His messages after I sent him Sarkar 3 synopsis.

Thanks in advance.

P. Jaya Kumar.

Here are the screen shots: