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Rajinikanth declares that he is all Tamil


Despite being born in Maharashtra and have lived in Karnataka for a long time, actor Rajinikanth said that he is a pucca Tamilian. It has been a 43 years in Tamilnadu and now this has become his motherland. He was responding to criticism that he was not Tamil. Rajinikanth asserted that he was a true Tamilian, because the people of Tamilnadu nurtured him.

There has been news that the actor will very soon join politics. But the actor chose to remain silent on this. Rajinikanth will take decision about joining politics when the time is right. He said that politics is too corrupt now. First the corruption has to go. If and when he forays into politics the actor asked his fans to shower their love on him.

Later Rajinikanth tweeted that he was extremely happy. His tweet read, "Extremely happy after meeting my fans. Memorable and unforgettable."