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‘Mental Madhilo’ Starts Dubbing


Telugu cinema moved into a new generation film making format influenced by world cinema dynamics. Unusual theme selection to new narrative techniques, film production is no more a costly affair and can be very beneficial if makers root themselves firmly to Telugu nativity and mindscapes of audience here.

Visionary producer Raj Kandukuri pioneered a revival in new wave Telugu cinema with path breaking, inspiring blockbuster ‘Pellichoopulu’. He is currently producing another film ‘Mental Madhilo’ involved with new age youthful romantic entertainment introducing fresh director Vivek Athreya.

‘Mental Madhilo’ finished the shooting and is into dubbing. Starring Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj in main leads, post production works are to be completed very soon.

“Pellichoopulu success spurred me to proceed confidently with full length youthful romantic script ‘Mental Madhilo’. Crisp concept, new-fangled treatment on fresh pairing of Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj came out excellently. After ‘Pellichoopulu’, this will be one more entertainer audience are looking forward. Sree Vishnu natural performance, Vivek Athreya skilled direction is out and out entertaining and I am sue ‘Mental Madhilo’ is one more good product to enhance our Dharmapatha Creations banner respect.

Mental Madhilo is currently into dubbing. We are to announce the trailer launch, audio function and release dates very soon,” producer Raj Kandukuri said.