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TASKARA - Telugu Movie Graphic Novel Adaptation

It is raining novel stories in South India and the Telugu film industry is at the forefront of different stories . Bahubali last year has shown the potential of the telugu film industry and has been adapted into a comic book by Graphic India.

Another Telugu film TASKARA which released earlier this year, is the first Indian neo noir film based on hacking and economics which now being adapted as a graphic novel by comic book publisher Fenil Comics.

TASKARA had a limited theatrical released given the nature of its erudite content . It found major viewership online with over 200,000 views for its trailer on Youtube. The movie released by VOLGA video online recently has garnered over 400,000 views on youtube to a very positive response.

Graphic Novels are a rage in markets like USA and UK . It will be a welcome change for Indian cinema and Telugu cinema particularly with new stories like this being adapted to different formats like graphic novels.

TASKARA has been written by Kiriti Rambhatla who has earlier written & hosted the talk show Arambham which aired successfully on the satellite channel RVS. For his work on television, movies and comic books Kiriti Rambhatla has been inducted to the Writers Guild of Great Britain