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'Tulasidalam’ getting ready for release on March 11


Renowned music director RP Patnaik has made a film titled ‘Tulasidala’ under his own direction. The film which was made under Colours Entertainment banner with Kishore Kantamaneni as presenter, is getting ready for release on March 11. Nischal and Vandana Gupta are hero and heroine respectively, while RP Patnaik played a crucial role.

Briefing about the film’s details, RP Patnaik said, “’Tulasidalam’ is a musical love story with horror touch. Every love story will have a problem. The problem in this love story is horror. There will be many twists and turns in this love story. So far we all have seen horror films which were shot in dark, but this is completely shot in the world’s brightest place i.e. at Las Vegas in America. There are 5 songs in the film. I’m sure the film will very impressive musically also.”

Dr. Brahmanandam, Anitha Chowdary and Duvvasi Mohan and some others played major roles.

Dialogues: Tirumal Nag; Line Producer: Sunil Boddepalli; Editing: SB Uddhav; Camera: Sarath Mandava; Co-producer: Dileep Vadlamudi; Executive Producer: Nandana Kumar Potluri; Story-Screenplay-Music-Producer-Directo: RP Patnaik.