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Chris Pratt - A stunt dance man?

Chris Pratt, known for his great roles and good looks, is definitely a star we cannot fail to notice. But not all see him that way. On the sets of Passengers, he was mistaken to be a stunt dance man! Yes, you heard it right! And he was mistaken to be a stunt man by none other than his co-star in Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence’s Grandparents!

On a chat show, recently, Jennifer confessed that her grandparents didn’t recognize Chris when they visited the Passengers set.

“He was dancing and my grandparents, still to this day, think he’s a stunt dance man. And so when they see pictures of us, they’re like, wow, that stunt dance man really got far…quickly. At first they didn’t know it was Chris and they were like wow that stunt dance man is a really great dancer and I was like, yeah that’s Chris Pratt. They thought that I was just saying the name of the stunt dance man so it didn’t like solve any problems. Then I just gave up after a while.” giggled the actress.

Watch these two powerhouses of talent come together for one of the most awaited film of next year, the sci – fi thriller love story in space - Passengers!