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Meera Nayar's 'Kamasutra' in Telugu

For the young people who reached adulthood, sexual desire is as important as food and sleep. Art of sex is one of most important arts among sixty four arts. Recognizing the importance of the matter, our Indians have written a book most scientifically a few hundred years ago and presented it to the entire world. The book ‘Kamasutra’ written by our sage Vatsayana Maharshi is not only popular but also standardised around the world. We all know that ‘Kamasutra’ series which is being made by Meera Nayar on the basis of Vatsayana book ‘Kamasutra’ by adding some fiction to it, is also receiving tremendous response from all over the world. Meera Nayar, who received many prestigious awards in international level, has made the new series ‘Kamasutra’. It is coming to the Telugu audience soon.

Naveen Andrews, Indira Varma, Ramon Tikaram, Sarita Chowdary, Harish Patel are the main cast in this film. ‘A Tale of Love’ is the tagline. The film is being made under the self-direction of Meera Nayar on Mira Nair Films Pvt Ltd banner. Rushi Pictures head Balram Sharma is bring the film to the Telugu audience. The story revolves around a queen named Tara, slave named Maya and the king named Raja Simha. The story of the film is blended with emotions like love, lust, fascination, jealous and hatred. Meera Nayar has extracted new angles in a new way with his own style in ‘Kamasutra’.