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Mogali Puvvu Press Release

Every husband has secrets hidden inside his cell phone and If wives can access them, 75% marriages will end .”--A prominent social psychologist

What happens when married men cannot resist temptation ?

What happens when smart phones become affair facilitating devices?

What happens when a wife enters her husband’s cellphone?

“Mogali Puvvu” is an edge-of-the-seat psychological thriller, with dollops of romance and character drama mixed with cops and court rooms. It is based upon the premise that every married man’s cellphone contains secrets which he hides from his wife. Conceptualized to creatively define the urban trend of cyber flirting and sexual adventurism, the film recreates a situation faced by thousands of couples in India, where most wives suspect that their husbands are having an affair and the only way to find out is by having access to their cell phones..On the other hand, there are also women who can use the same technology to trap those sexually adventurous men... The recently amended ‘Nirbhaya’ section on laws related to sexual offences has made men much more vulnerable than they ever were. How the new age technological advancements of cell phones have crept into the intimacies of bedrooms is what which powers the deep emotional undercurrents of Mogali Puvvu.

Sachiin Joshi plays the role of Vishal,a successful architect and is married to Supriya(Kainaat Arora) and has a young son..All seems hunky dory until Vishal Starts having an affair with a co worker Kishka (Meera Chopra).  What their smart phones do in the situations after that create a whirlpool of supercharged emotions which suck in their families, office staff, cops, courts and of course the Media into a never ending Vortex....An ultra dangerous game of psychological warfare begins and murder is right around the corner.

Film maker Ram Gopal Varma known for gangster/horror/vendetta dramas for the first time in his career veers of his beaten path to tell a dying to be told present day urban tale of what cellphones can do to man/woman relationships