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X-Men: Days of Future Past in AP theaters on May 23


Fox Star Studios Pvt. Ltd., that has produced a number of amazing movies is once again coming up with its Latest Wonder ‘'X-Men’. This is the 7th movie in X-Men series. How 9 amazing powers protect the mankind is the story of 'X-Men'. These 9 powers will know the threats beforehand, which the present mankind will face in future. We can see all the special characters in this Part 7 of the series which we have seen in the previous parts.1. Wolverine- who can look into the past and future. 2. Professor- who can look into the past and future, know what is going to happen and plans accordingly. 3. Magneto- who can attract all metals in the world and also convert them into weapon and can do fights. 4. Mystic- who can mould himself into any shape. 5. Strom- who can create and stop any kind of disaster. 6. Rogue - the power of anything that she touches will be transferred to her. 7. Beast- who is so strong that can go from any place to anywhere. 8. Icemen- who can create and destroy snow mountains. 9. Who can create any amount of energy and can use more energy than the opponent. X-Men is the movie with all the above mentioned super powers creates a new world. In the past, we have seen these super powers separately. However this film will showcase all working together to save the mankind.

Fox Star Studious Pvt. Ltd., representative said,” Along with the global release, we are planning for a grand release of 'X-Men' in Andhra Pradesh in Telugu, Hindi and English languages on 23 May.

Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, etc., are the main cast. Bryan Singer is the director.