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RGV about FlowCam Technology


It’s needless to mention that the story and artists performance are vital for a film. However, the ‘Cinema Technique’ plays a key role in making the story as well as the artists’ performance the center of attraction. Renowned director Alfred Hitchcock said, “Technique cannot carry a film on its shoulder. Nevertheless it will definitely take the film to next level.”

At the time when Cinema was born, films used to be shot on wide angles and actors in full length figures with still cameras in order to give the audience the feel of watching the film like a stage show in auditorium. After few years, for the first time director G A Smith showed a clock in close-up shot in a scene when an actor watches the clock. For his colleagues’ argument on how he would jump from the audience point of view, his reply was ‘The close-up will increase the drama to the information from audience point of view.”

Later another director J W Grift showed an actor in a close-up shot. When argued how he could cut the remaining cast to the shoulder level, Grift answered that the close-up shot would connect the emotions in the characters to the audience. The audience started recognizing the actors from the time their faces were shown in close-up shots. From then onwards their popularity increased among the audience and turned them into stars.

While Georges Melies created the ‘Desolved Shots’, Alfred Hitchcock molded the camera movements into characters. Similarly, Speilberg created ‘Trolly Forward and Zoom Backward’ shots for the film ‘Jaws’. In this manner new methods are being introduced through camera movements and editing techniques.

After watching films widely for years, making films for years and have been observing the technical advancements, I was really amazed to see the ‘Flow Cam Technology’ used to shoot the film ‘Ice Cream’. So far no technology has stunned me or surprised me. It’s known to all that this technology has been used in ‘Ice Cream’ for the first time in the world.

Tomorrow evening (June 24) at 6.30 PM, I’m going to screen a ‘Demonstration Video’ designed with ‘Flow Cam Technology’ for the media at Prasad Lab Preview Theater in Hyderabad. On the same day at 7 PM, directors, cameramen and students are invited to watch and discuss about the flow cam technical system!