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Sheraz: From hero to villain


Young hero Sheraz, who was introduced to the Telugu audience with the film ‘Parcel’, is originally a ramp model. He entered the film industry with passion on this line. The model turned actor who managed to get good marks for his debut performance as hero, is now set to enthrall the audience as villain in his second film ‘Inka Emi Anukoledu’. Along with this film, he is also doing a Tamil movie ‘Nee Yaro..Naan Yaro’ in which he will be seen as a psychic hero. According to this young talent, he is open to any good character irrespective of it being a hero or villain. In a small chit chat with the media recently, Sheraz spoke about his passion for films and how he would treat the character he is been offered.

In the words of hero Sheraz, “I met director of ‘Parcel’ while traveling in a flight. At his first very first meet, he said that I should have become a hero and even advised me to come into films. That’s how my acting debut began with ‘Parcel’. After watching ‘Parcel’, Sreekar Babu offered me the villain role in ‘Inka Emi Anukoledu’. And I instantly gave my nod because I liked the character very much.”

“Though I play a Don character in ‘Inka Emi Anukoledu’, it’s not exactly the serious villain role. It’s a comedy villain role butI appear serious and make audience laugh with my expressions. The director had wonderfully designed this character. I’m sure the audience will enjoy it. The film was superbly made with limited budget. The director is likely to earn good reputation after the release of the film.”

“I’ve not drawn any line specifically like I should do only the male lead characters in the film. I’m open to negative roles as well provided the character is good. I hope that the film ‘Inka Emi Anukoledu’ will earn me a good name as an actor along with many more film offers.”