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Catch 'RGV' in Youtube on July 18


Ram Gopal Varma likes to introduce new technologies to the film industry. In the past he was the one who has introduced steady cam to the Telugu industry and created a new trend. Later, he introduced Canon 5D to the Indian film fraternity and proved that the films can be made with very low budget. With the introduction of all these technological advancements to the Indian film industry, this technology savvy Ram Gopal Varma will be remembered for ever. And recently, he has introduced flow cam with his sensational ‘Ice Cream’ and proved that how films can be made with bare minimum budget. Legendry director Ram Gopal Varma is now about to meet film lovers and his fans in ‘Youtube’ on 18th of July at 4pm.

Ram Gopal Varma said, “You may not know Dil Raju, Suresh Babu or Allu Aravind. Forget about big heads, you might not know even spot boy in the film industry. You might be staying in Khammam or Thadepalligudem or Ananthapuram or you don’t even have money to buy a train ticket to come to Hyderabad. Even though, I will teach you how to make a full-fledged film by sitting at your respective places. If you want to watch it, tune into ‘Youtube’ on the link on 18th July at 4pm.”