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Chandan Movies Prod No. 3 with Tanish

Chandan Movies is coming up with a new film with Tanish as hero. This production house which earlier delivered films like Shivaji starrer ‘Gurudu’ and ‘Aasa Dosa Appadam’ will now produce this untitled film as Production No. 3. C D Nagendra will produce it along with Polamreddy Gunasekhar Reddy. V Sai Kishore Reddy is the executive producer. Gandhi Manohar wrote the story and screenplay and will direct the film with camera by S Murali Mohan Reddy and music by Raghuram. According to producers, their Production No. 1 ‘Gurudu’ will be ready for release shortly. On the other hand its production No. 2 ‘Aasa Dosa Appadam’ is getting ready for its audio release. Gandhi Manohar, who is the director of ‘Aasa Dosa Appadam’ is going to direct the third production venture too which will be launched on the auspicious day of Ugadhi.