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47 Days Review

June 30, 2020
Title Card Entertainment
Satya Dev, Pooja Jhaveri, Roshini Prakash, Sathya Prakash, Ravi Varma, Hari Teja, Dr Irfan Sia, Mukthar Khan, Srikanth Iyengar, aAshok Kumar, CVL Narasimharao, Kireeti Damaraju, Appaji Ambarisha, Sri Sudha, Baby Akshara
Pradeep Maddali
Kiran Katta & Harish Sajja
S R Sekhar
Brahma Kadali
T Murali Mohan
Mehboob ( Chennur)
Stunts Sri
Nixon D'Cruz
Bhaskarabhatla, Lakshmi Bhupala, Preeti Kesavan & Vishwa
TirumalKattoju & B Naveen Kalyan
Konda Raju, Nagesh & Nani
B2H Studios
S Raghunath Varma
Venkateswararao P
Project Pebble Studios
Raghunath Kamisetty
A Krishnarak
GSK Media ( Srinivas & Suresh Kumar )
Anil & Bhanu
Viswa CM
Nanaji Naidu Petla
Anil Kumar Sohni
Siddharatha Nadella & Chaitanya Rapeti
Kiran Katta & Harish Sajja
Rajkumar Koosana, Sree Yadhav & Chiranjeevi Bandela
Raghu Kunche
Dabbara Sashi Bushan Naidu, Raghu Kunche, Sridhar Makkuva & Vijay Shankar Donkada
Pradeep Maddali

'47 Days', starring Satyadev Kancharana, is being streamed on Zee5. The midnight release of June 30 is a mystery-drama. Here is our review of the film.


Sathya (Satyadev Kancharana), the Assistant Commissioner of Police from Vizag, is going through immense pain in the wake of his wife's death by suicide. Around the time his wife died, a young industrialist killed himself.

By chance, Sathya notices something curious related to the industrialist's death and starts believing that it was a murder most foul. Since the clue has a bearing on his wife's death as well, he starts to chase the mystery, only to have a tryst with Christina (Pooja Jhaveri), a drug peddler (Sathya Prakash) and others.


After 'Brochevarevarura' and 'Locked' (Aha Original), actor Satyadev Kancharana shows conviction in essaying the role of a widower with guts. Pooja Jhaveri gets a lengthy role and she could have been way better. Ravi Varma's acting is a giveaway. Srikanth Iyyenger struggles to show off maniacal behaviour and ends up looking artificial. Roshini Prakash gets to play a brief role as Sathyadev's wife.

Technical aspects

Music director Raghu Kunche and cinematographer GK don't look invested. Their works are hardly distinct. As a result, the thriller loses its sheen much more than what it should have.

Plus Points

The premise.

A few emotional moments.

Minus Points

The screenplay is superficial.

The climax.

Lack of emotional bandwidth.

Listless dialogues.


The moment the drug ring angle is shown, we can guess the broad trajectory of the story. And when two deaths are shown to happen in the early scenes, anyone knows that there is foul play at work. When you are revealing the cards that easily, at least characterizations and visuals have to be unique. '47 Days' has none of them. 'HIT', the Vishwak Sen thriller, had tension-inducing vibes throughout. So, even though the climax was poor, 'HIT' was right on the money. On the other hand, '47 Days' doesn't use smart tools of story-telling or unique visual narration that can induce tension.

Hari Teja and Kireeti Damaraju try to do some cheap comedy. Not just the villains, even the hero's daughter is a caricature in the movie. Enough said.