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Leader-Revolutionary yet non-violent Politician

February 19, 2010
AVM Productions
Rana, Richa Gangopadhyay, Priya Anand, Suman, Suhasini, Kota Srinivasarao, Gollapudi Maruthirao, Subbaraju, Rao Ramesh, Ahuti Prasad, Harshavardhan, Tanikella Bharani, Udaya Bhanu, Narsing Yadav, Rani Rudrama, Shatru, Vai Sista
Sekhar Kammula
Vijay C Kumar
Marthand K Venkatesh
Thota Tharani
Veturi Sundaramamurthy & Rayaprolu Subba Rao

Mickey J Meyer
M. Saravanan, MS Guhan, Aruna Guhan, Aparna Guhan
Sekhar Kammula

In the wake of present political turmoil in AP there can’t be a better fore-thought by a creative director Sekhar Kammula, who has silently dreamt of a renewed political system and a young ‘Leader’ to guide the political process through.  Yes! He also has selected a capable and promising individual for the assignment.

“Leader” is a film based on political reformations and a political leader’s transformations.  Sekhar Kammula has written and directed this movie presenting a revolutionary yet non-violent young politician who wants to make the system adaptable to developments and not confining to jealous as well as power politics.  This film aiming mainly at service to the nation, meaning people is said to be portrayed keeping in mind the present developed atmosphere which may in a way lure the youngsters to enter into politics.  The director claims the movie having such highly emotional values.
The lead role is played by one such actor who hails from the family of achievers well known to Tollywood for many decades.  But what so special about him is that he has not just jumped into the films at a very adolescent age but after undergoing enough experience with the films.  Training in New Jersey as stunt director, training in photography in Chennai and topping all of these serving for a corporate firm for about 6 years have matured this individual who already got National award for a film, “A Belly Full of Dreams”, he produced in 2006.  This Chennai born, Mumbai graduated, young handsome promising hero is none other than Daggubati Rana, who is son of producer D Suresh Babu and grandson of movie moghul Dr D Ramanaidu.
What is giving the movie a boost already is the way the censor board reacted while certification.  It is said that the censor board officials were so impressed and appreciated the director as well as the hero for a powerful theme that could generate enough changes in the society.  

Such is the emotional value shown in movie without a blood shed that in Sekhar Kammula’s words “This movie is my dream and I feel that this will be my biggest ever achievement in this birth.  I should appreciate Rana for converting this dream into reality by such a powerful performance.”   

Ultimately summing all these, the “Leader” is a movie that revolves around a young politician wanting to make changes in the system without any blood shed.  This also concentrates on the values of service to public keeping apart the jealous and power politics dominating the world today.
As usual in this film also Sekhar Kammula has roped in two beautiful and capable faces in the female leads – Richa Upadhyay and Priya AnandSuhasini Maniratnam plays a mother’s role while Udaya Babu gets a chance in an item song.  

Vijay C Anand does not need an introduction for cinematography since he has to his credit numerous hits starting from ‘Aha Na Pellanta’ to the latest ‘Happy Days’ before doing ‘Leader’.  His peak of performance was seen in movies like ‘Ankusam’, ‘Ammoru’, and ‘Godavari’.  Yet another aspect of him is that he the default cinematographer for all Sekhar Kammula’s movies so far.  Though this movie has been taken mostly in and around AP we still can expect some pleasant cinematography from his experience, who is also supported by a capable art director in Thota Tharani.

Mickey J Meyer with his mesmerising music has already captured a place in the hearts of AP people.  He now has an exclusive fan following which has increased after his award winning performances for films like ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’.  The six songs he composed for this film have exclusivity with each song having a different essence.  While the song ‘Maa Telugu Thalli’ portrays the love for Telugu land, ‘Vandematharam’ addresses love to the nation, ‘Avunanna Kadanna’, a romance, ‘Rajasekhar’, a remix of old song with new touch, ‘Hey CM’, a fun-filled song and lastly ‘Sreelu Pongina’-the social, emotional and humanitarian values.  Veturi gaari’s experience with his lyrics have added value to Mickey’s composition.

M Saravanan and M Guhan are proud to present this 174th film of AVM Productions which is stated to be with the budget of around 18 crores.  Presenting this movie of new genre of an ideal politician who is today’s people ‘Leader’ is something different for Sekhar Kammula who has given super hits earlier in the form of youthful and soft films like ‘Anand’, ‘Godavari’ and ‘Happy Days’.  We therefore can expect a different product standing apart from the conventional, so called mass oriented movies where violence take a centre stage.