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Interview of JD Chakravarthy about 'MMOF'


JD Chakravarthy awaits the release of 'MMOF' on February 26. In this interview, the actor talks about the thriller, saying that it is not a horror film. Set in the backdrop of a single screen, it is a murder mystery.

It was in last year that 'MMOF' was completed. I could sense that the pandemic would induce lockdown across India. My producers didn't listen to me and went ahead with the launch of the trailer in March. On the bright side, the trailer got a nice response. Business offers were encouraging.

The title 'MMOF' is not comprehensible for all. In my opinion, a title needn't be fathomable. If we like the title, we would embrace it. 70MM screening is related to the story.

This is a highly realistic film. It's documentation of the truth. I have been asked not to talk about the premise. I will share it nevertheless. In the multiplex era, single screens have lost their sheen. I have played the role of the owner of a single screen. My character doesn't want to capitalize on the real estate potential of the screen. When a murder takes place, the sole employee of the theatre comes up with a pragmatic logic. Realism is the USP of 'MMOF'. 'MMOF' is not a horror film.

During the making of the movie, I was shocked to know that some single screens are still playing porn movies. The audience who prefer to watch porn movies in theatres may not understand how to operate a smartphone.

Akshatha Srinivas is a professional actress. I didn't get to know her much off-screen. She is an enthusiastic person.

Sai Kartheek has done the BGM. Had he not done a good job, I would have spoken about him for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, he has done a very good job. But he got irritated when he felt the trailer was not good. The BGM has amped up the film. Sai Kartheek is one of the backbones of 'MMOF'.

I dislike social gatherings. That's why the lockdown was irrelevant as far as I am concerned. My lifestyle didn't change a bit.

OTT is a promising platform. The greatest advantage that coronavirus has brought in its wake is that people are watching a wide variety of movies from other languages and countries. OTT has proven that experimental movies can be released without fearing whether commercial prospects will be strong or weak. OTTs are several in number and the options have only increased.

I have often told Ramu garu (RGV) that only crazy people work under/with him. I remember the days of 'Shiva', when only Nagarjuna garu understood the story and liked the film after watching the end product. Many of us who worked on the movie slept through the premiere. We wondered how the audience would like such a movie when even we found it boring.  

Updated on February 24, 2021