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Sushanth spoke about his latest film "Current"


Sushanth, the grandson of Akkineni Nageswara Rao, is ready with his second film ‘Current’, to appear in theaters in a short while from now. He made his debut with ‘Kalidasu’, a mass oriented subject and now all set to entertain the movie buffs with a romantic subject. Pretty girl, Sneha Ullal is pairing with him and he is seriously looking forward to his career improvement with ‘Current’. Now, this young actor spoke a few words about ‘Current’ that is releasing on June 19th. Here are few excerpts

What does the title ‘Current’ mean?
Oh yeah! Current is not what in general is called electricity.  It is chemistry between an irresponsible young man and a responsible woman. How the love blossomed between these two has been made in an exceptional manner with a novel concept.

What is so special about this film?
The theme is different and the package of the film includes love, comedy and Devisri Prasad’s perky music. ‘Current’ was made with a novel concept which is the uniqueness of this film. People from all segments will definitely enjoy ‘Current’ and never get disappointed when they come to theaters.  

Can you brief your role in Current?
I play an aeronautical engineering student who is carefree type and doesn’t worry much about his future. While on other hand, Sneha Ullal’s character is quite opposite to that of mine who is strong and matured enough to plan her future.  Our original names have been used for the roles we played in the film.

How was your chemistry with the heroine?
Sneha Ullal by nature is a very friendly character therefore it took no time for us to become good friends. Infact her friendly nature helped me to be absolutely comfortable in sharing screen with her even though I dealt with a romantic subject for the first time, which demanded intimate scenes. The chemistry between us worked out very well resulting in the film’s great output.

What is the secret to your glamorous look in this film?
My mom has a very good taste in dressing.  It is she who always chooses my outfits, either for films or for personal use.

How was it working with your director Surya Pratap?
Surya Pratap is a sincere director and experienced enough to know how to extract from artists what he wanted. It is a different experience working with him compared to that of my previous director Ravicharan Reddy.

It seems that you were very particular about having Devisri Prasad’s music for ‘Current’.  What made you a firm mind to have him as a music director?
You see, I needn’t have to explain about his music as he is a unique musician who is thirst for creativity each time he composes a new tune and that’s the reason why I was a little adamant in having him as music director for ‘Current’ and I was also sure that his music would become an asset to the film. Today, I’m happy to note that as I expected the music is being appreciated by music lovers.

Is there a specific song which you like in this film?
Yes, there is! I like to listen to the title song very frequently even though I like other songs too.

Your 1st film ‘Kalidasu’ was an absolute mass oriented subject and ‘Current’ is a romantic film which is quite contrast.  What kind of image are you exactly looking for?
Right now, my aim is not to look for any image but to play the roles that would be appreciated by the audience as well as the critics. Through ‘Kalidasu’ I tried reaching the mass audience. But on the advice given by my grandfather I’m aiming at youth audience now with ‘Current’.

Is it your grandfather who decides on your films?
My grandfather never involves but only gives his suggestions when asked.  It is my mom, Chintalapudi Srinivas Rao, who is a former journalist  and I together discuss the stories and proceeds only if it satisfies all three of us.

Can you give us some idea about your future films?
Depending on the audience response for ‘Current’ film.

Updated on April 25, 2020