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Sricharan Pakala on 'Major', his journey so far, and more


Music director Sricharan Pakala shot to fame with 'Kshanam' in 2016. 'Guntur Talkies', 'PSV Garuda Vega', 'Goodachari', 'Evaru', 'Krishna And His Leela', 'Naandhi' and the recent 'DJ Tillu' remain his popular discography outings. 'Major', to be released in theatres on June 3, is his first pan-Indian project. In this interview, catch the composer talk about his background, his journey so far, getting to work with Adivi Sesh on repeat, what keeps him going, and more.

It has been a paradigm shift in the Telugu film industry as far as I am concerned. My mother is a non-professional singer who sings really well. I am a fan of Ghazals, old Telugu songs, etc. Multiple musical influences have helped me a great deal over the years.

After completing Intermediate, I lost interest in my studies. I used to play sports while in Vizag. My parents noticed my losing interest in my studies. This is also when music started interesting me. My brother happened to buy a guitar and I started playing it randomly. In due course of time, I started playing for hours at home and joined a band. I enjoyed playing at weddings and small events. For years together, I stuck to Western music as a guitarist. I started doing social awareness documentaries, among others. Eventually, I got into films.

My journey with Adivi Sesh has been crazy. I began with 'KISS' in 2013. I bagged 'Kshanam' because of my prior association with both Sesh and director Ravikanth Perepu. When 'Major' came my way, I was a bit shocked. It's a multi-lingual project and the nature of the subject is not a routine one. I didn't expect Sesh to pick a heavy subject like this one. The songs and the BGM have to be intact. Thankfully, the songs have received a very encouraging response.

There are four songs in 'Major'. The songs are as important as the background score. 'Major' is a layered movie packed with different tracks and ingredients. The composition style had to be unique, given the span. I am a fan of the '90s music and I got to inject the music for the episodes set in the '90s. It's a biographical action film. It's a dream come true to compose for a biopic.

When you are doing a pan-Indian movie, it becomes tricky. The tunes have to be attuned to the language. So, the composition has to be different for each language.

I haven't got to interact with Mahesh Babu garu, who is one of the producers of 'Major', much. He appreciated me at the trailer launch event. 'Hrudayam' has been sung by Sid Sriram in Telugu. I have chosen a different set of singers for the three languages (Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam) for each of the four songs. The choice of singers has to reflect the director's vision.

Director Sashikiran Tikka doens't talk much. He is a cool filmmaker whose conviction is strong. His conceptualizations are clear.

I like mass masala movies and comedies. But after 'Kshanam' became a hit, films like 'PSV Garuda Vega' and 'Goodachari' happened. I enjoyed doing 'Pataas Pilla' for 'DJ Tillu'. I really like to compose such songs. After all, I have grown up listening to commercial songs and in a certain environment. I admire the music played by the likes of Ilaiyaraaja, AR Rahman, Mani Sharma. That's why I hope to do all genres.

I don't like multiple composers doing a film. If push comes to shove, it is inevitable that you have to do such a film. But, usually, I like to travel with the entire film from start to end.

I don't watch movies. I watch movies only if something captivates me. I listen to cinema music. That's all. I feel that it is a positive thing. It doesn't mean that I am not updated. I have grown up listening to international music. I keep myself abreast with the latest trends in music. As for watching my own films, yes, I try to analyze my work. Cinema is an entertainment industry where the competition is stiff. New composers keep coming in. I am careful in studying musical trends. Lyrics have prominence in my scheme of things.  

Updated on May 25, 2022