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Venkatesh speaks on F3, future projects, and more


'F3' is more hilarious than 'F2', says actor Venkatesh in his latest interview. 'F3', which hits the cinemas on May 27, has the senior actor alongside Varun Tej, Tamannaah Bhatia, and others. In this interview, Venky also talks about 'Rana Naidu' (his Netflix web series), his two upcoming feature films, his views on multi-starrers and pan-Indian movies, being a spontaneous actor, and more.

I have always loved to do comedy. Once you get to do comedy, you get to try a lot of new things and be natural. I forget who I am when I do comedy. Films like 'Nuvvu Naku Nacchav', 'Malleswari' and 'Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu' were enjoyable experiences. When the output is satisfactory, I feel glad!

Today's generation of audience didn't watch my yesteryear films like 'Bobbili Raja'. They will have a new experience watching 'F3'.

With comedies, something happens and I go crazy. I like to behave like a joker with my friends. That energy infects my performance while doing comedies. Everyone is happy that I am jovial.

It's a nice feeling to do non-stop entertainers. Films like 'F3' are fun to watch with friends and family. People's reactions are crazy in theatres. The atmosphere is gung-ho. A comedy has to be a big-screen experience ideally.

To be honest, I don't even know how much I am doing when I am enacting comedy scenes. It is nice to be spontaneous. Comedy scenes can't be planned. I improvize a lot. You can generate a lot of humour through your voice. I like to use voice modulations and different styles of speaking. We have seen the likes of Allu Ramalingaiah garu, Johnny Lever, etc.

My character in 'F3' is quite unlike me in terms of qualities. For a film to work, the audience have to own the lead character(s). Greediness defines the characters in 'F3'. The entertainment factor depends on how the story is treated by the director. The ball is now in the audience's court. We have done our bit. No matter what we say about our film, it is only the audience's verdict that matters.

Anil Ravipudi likes the scenes to be casual. That gives scope to deliver a natural performance. We both are crazy. He has got a wonderful spark. I won't say how big 'F3' is going to be compared to 'F2' in commercial terms. I will only say that you can expect more humour this time. It's a more lavish and more musical film.

I have night-blindness in 'F3'. It has been done purely for the purposes of comedy. A sequel or a thematic sequel is always tough. You have to meet the audience's high expectations. Everybody needs to be on their toes.

Devi Sri Prasad's music is catchy. This genre of film is his kind of thing. I enjoyed working with a lot of co-stars after a long time. It was fun on the set.

'Narappa' was an intense film. I loved playing that character. Unfortunately, it had to skip a theatrical release. A lot of people couldn't watch the movie.

Everybody wants to grow rich and make a quick buck. Greed results in a lot of problems. Human behaviour is attuned to self-aggrandizement in modern times. If you don't change, you are in a loop. If you work hard and cultivate good habits, what has to come will come to you. The universe knows what you deserve. Don't refuse anything. At the same time, don't beg of God too much.

I like to scan people when I go out. I like to notice people. When you observe people, it goes into your system and you get to use it while enacting a scene in the future.

I like to be a one-take actor. I have a mental block if I give multiple takes.

Netflix approached me and Rana Daggubati for 'Rana Naidu'. It's a first-of-its-kind attempt in South India. It's a different attempt in a real way! Playing a character with negative shades is special. It's really challenging. It's a crazy character. The production works will be completed soon. They will do post-production works for 3-4 months. Netflix works at its own pace.

A multi-starrer would be enjoyable to do only if the script is right. I like to do multi-hero movies. As for multi-lingual release, a film will go pan-Indian if it has the worth.

As for the numbers game, I don't believe in them. I just want my producer and distributors to make money. Records are made but they are meant to be broken. It's nice when your film sets a benchmark in terms of box office collections. That said, I don't attach much importance to numbers beyond a point. I do a film and leave it to the audience. I just wish that the film does well. I get detached after wishing that it becomes a success for everybody involved in the making. There is no success formula.

I behave like a producer on set. I don't let people waste money. I want the financial aspect to be well-planned. The budget shouldn't shoot up beyond a point. You will forget the costs only if your film becomes a hit.

It was tense to shoot for movies during the Covid-19 pandemic. The fear of co-stars suffering from infection was always on top of my mind (laughs). I haven't let the guard down. I am still following Covid-19 protocols. What's wrong in being a little responsible.

I am committed to doing a film each with Mythri Movie Makers and Sithara Entertainments. They are searching for suitable subjects.

When I post quotes by the likes of Swami Vivekananda, I do it for myself. I don't expect anything from others. They are not result-oriented posts.

I don't compare myself with anybody. I am grateful for what I have got in life. Confusion starts when you compare yourself with others. Nobody is like you, nobody thinks like you. You are unique.

Updated on May 24, 2022