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Interview of Sampath Nandi about Seetimaarr


'Seetimaarr' is currently playing in theatres. In this interview, director Sampath Nandi talks about the movie, its big openings, working with Gopichand, why the movie is special in terms of the monies it is minting, and more.

The response has been overwhelming. The movie is a huge, huge hit everywhere. The Day 1 collections are more than what Bollywood movies have made in the second wave. I don't know the exact figures. The producers will divulge them.

'Seetimaarr' is not a sincere sports film like 'Dangal'. Kabaddi is merely a backdrop for the action movie. Preeti Asrani's winning shot has been praised. The emotional value of the action blocks is only because of the sport.

The dialogues have come in for praise. They are saying that these are the best lines since 'Bengal Tiger'. I am happy that this is the best opening that a Gopichand movie has taken in the last 10 years.

I took 15-20 minutes to edit the climax portions. It was like walking on a knife edge to do the movie. I went through a nerve-wracking experience before the release of 'Seetimaarr'. I couldn't sleep for more than 30 minutes for three days before the movie's release. It's because our careers depended on this movie. Lord Ganesh has removed all obstacles, and we are really blessed.

'Seetimaarr' is a mass film. The mass crowds are loving the action blocks, the songs, and the whistle-worthy moments. For the first time in four months, people are watching a movie in C centres.

I am glad to hear people say that our movie has vaccinated the box office. I thank the audience, who have made this possible. 'Seetimaarr' belongs to the audience. The morning shows were somewhat disappointing. But the crowds picked up by afternoon. And the collections have only been increasing show after show.

This is my hat-trick hit with Tamannaah Bhatia. I am very happy and feeling fortunate. 'Jwala Reddy' is drawing whistles. I made it a point to infuse the song as a relief 15 minutes into the second half.

The climax fight wouldn't have come out so well but for the lockdown. I had designed each and every shot at leisure. Since Gopichand's personality and emotions are intense, I felt that the low-angle shots and the weapon he carries should be different.

OTT is a great avenue but the nature of the content has to be different from what I do in movies. People will not like slow-motion and massy shots on OTT.

I wrote 'Black Rose' and 'Odela Railway Station' while at home during the lockdown last year. I have got stories adequate for the next 10 years.

Updated on September 11, 2021