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Interview of A Sushanth Reddy about 'Dear Megha'


Dear Megha will be released in theatres on September 3. In this interview, director Sushanth Reddy talks about his background, the kind of film 'Dear Megha' is, his future plans and more. The movie is releasing in about 300 screens.

'Dear Megha' is my second film as a director. 'Superstar Kidnap' was my first movie. I completed a course in filmmaking at a Mumbai film institute. I myself produced my first movie. As for 'Dear Megha', it was producer Arjun Dasyam who approached me with the script.

It's a triangle love story that inspired me to take it up. People have so many questions about the nature of the movie. The questions will be answered by our film. Megha Akash okayed the script upon listening to it. This is her career-best performance. Arun Adith, too, has given his best shot.

The film is about the incidents in a woman's life spanning years. I am confident that 'Dear Megha' is going to go down as the best film for the Arun-Megha duo. Arjun Somayajula, the other male lead, is a new kid on the block.

I am a movie buff. I used to stay near RTC X Roads in Hyderabad. As you know, it's an 'adda' for film lovers (because it hosts a lot of theatres). My first movie failed and it taught me a great deal. Since then, I have evolved as a filmmaker.

It's a very emotional film that is mainly based on performances. We got the casting right and I am very glad about it. Although the movie got stuck because of the pandemic, we didn't make any substantial changes to the script.

The BGM by Gowra Hari is so soothing that people are going to use it as caller tunes. The songs are already a hit with the listeners. 'Dear Megha' is my perspective about a love triangle. The Ramayana has been told and re-told. In the same way, a love triangle can be told and re-told. The last one hour of the movie will be emotionally haunting.

As a director, I love gangster flicks. I want to try all sorts of genres in the future. I am hoping that 'Dear Megha' will be a shot in the arm for me. The pandemic has taught me the importance of discipline.

Updated on September 2, 2021