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Interview of Megha Akash about Dear Megha


'Dear Megha' will be released in theatres on September 3. In this interview, Megha Akash talks about the film, working with Adith Arun, what love means to her and more.

It feels good to have two releases ('Raja Raja Chora', 'Dear Megha') in so short a time. Coming to 'Dear Megha', I was in Chennai when director Sushanth Reddy contacted me. Since my character is very important in the movie, I was a bit scared. I love romantic movies, I like emotional stories. That's why I wanted to give it a try so that it's different from the path I had been treading.

'RRC' is a full-on comedy-drama. On the other hand, 'Dear Megha' is more a romantic drama. It's a relationship drama that shows that love is unconditional and pure.

Like Megha in the movie, I am very quiet on the outside. I could relate to her easily in that sense. I wanted to do the interesting character. I have known Arun Adith for some years. We did an Ad together in 2014. The film is a love triangle.

I love musical romances. 'Dear Megha' has got so many sweet songs that you can relate to. Everyone who has been in love can relate to the songs. 'Aamani Unte' is my favourite song from the movie. Love is unconditional as per my definition.

My first crush was in school. He was my classmate in 4th Class. As a child, I used to crush on Shah Rukh Khan. After him, it was MS Dhoni. Everyone has been through a break-up phase in life. Personally, I prefer a love marriage. I expect my hubby to be nice and let me be myself.

The reason I wanted to be an actor is that I would get to be someone I am not. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone. I haven't done a full-on romance before 'Dear Megha', which is what makes it a unique experience. There is sadness in the love story. I have played a heavy role and I had to bear a lot of responsibility as an actor.

I am in talks for a few movies. I am doing 'Gurthunda Seethakalam' and a few other movies.

Updated on August 28, 2021