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Manchi Baphè: Doors open to South India's largest multi-cuisine buffet


Hyderabad, 27th July, 2021: Hyderabad's first of its kind buffet restaurant at Sahiti Sudha square mall, Kondapur brings you mouth-watering Indian and global cuisines that are sure to tease every diner's taste buds!

With more than 200 dishes on the menu, Manchi Baphe (MB) is already creating a stir with local gastronomes and influencers. With 16 live counters serving varieties of dishes ranging from Nachos, Dim sums, Waffles and automated machines for Pani-Puri and Sugarcane Juice etc.

Catering to people from all walks of life, they have built an exclusive Kids Play Area to ensure a holistic experience for children with their all-time favorites, popcorn, candy floss, pasta and rolled up ice creams, they also have Sunday-special activities to make young guests happy. Restaurant also ensures that there is Special Assistance for the elderly and differently abled, ensuring your entire family enjoys a great meal together.

- Manchi Baphe is built over a 12000 sqft area and has a seating capacity of 200 people, from organizing a birthday party to a corporate meeting they have covered it all.

- Also have an additional/exclusive banquet hall with a capacity of 50 people is a perfect combination of comfort and luxury for those special celebrations/life events with colleagues, family and friends.

- An exclusive table for two for a romantic night with your BAE which gives you an experience nothing less than a scene out of a romantic film.

- For a peaceful dinner with your family away from the hustle-bustle of the city they have a private dining area with a capacity of 30 people

Manchi Baphe is the go-to-destination for all these with an uber calm ambience amidst indoor plants, mouthwatering authentic south/north Indian dishes and a global spread.

Last but not the least, a global experience cannot be complete without freshly baked goodies. Manchi Baphe has a quintessential bakery - a haven for cupcake lovers and features your favourite cookies, cakes, breads and pastries, all under one roof.

The Founder and Executive Director of Manchi Baphe, Mr. Anil Kumar Pamarthi on the occasion said; "Manchi Baphe is a brainchild of our dreams to bring families together on a dinner table, having conveyed the importance of eating together with the entire family at least one meal a day. Manchi Baphe is not just a project but the execution of vital moral values, as the historians have said, food brings people from different paths together, MB aims to bring Vasudeva kutumbakam to reality. We are not very happy with the way the buffet system was viewed in the country and we are determined to create a fine dining experience around it, We at Manchi Baphe, invite all foodies to come with your friends, families and colleagues to embark on this new flavourful journey with us".

At Manchi Baphe, they not just serve food but, are also equally concerned about the social impact and sustainability. To this end, they have turned the restaurant into a "no plastic zone" - a step in that direction which is not only eco-friendly but also trendy. Team MB also works with the rural artists for the eco-friendly gift baskets, clay pots etc., which are stitched beautifully in the interiors of the restaurant. Manchi Baphe is all about enjoying the most relishing food from the heart of South India in Hyderabad, trying out some of the finest South Indian delicacies from the wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines and to savour toe curling desserts.

Mr. Pamarthi added, "The team has gone above and beyond the standards of buffet restaurants in showcasing the highest form of the dining experience. Unique interiors based on the bonsai version of five elements of nature and the mood lighting makes it a perfect setting to bring your entire family out for a luxurious dinner or to arrange a corporate meet with your colleagues. We are determined to bring the fine dining experience keeping the quality and taste of authentic traditional cuisines intact. Our specialty is the big spread with authentic flavours made from the original and traditional healthy and lip-smacking recipes. The is offering a five-star experience in a restaurant. It has 30% local cuisine, 20% global and 50% other Indian cuisines. It caters to the health conscious and diabetics too by having oats and millets dishes."

Once you have experienced the Manchi experience, we trust that whilst you arrived as a guest, you will leave as a friend!

We wanted to offer five-star experience at a minimal cost, the reason for Kondapur is to cater to mixed population and our cuisine caters to all tastes and will satisfy everyone. said Mr Subasish Senapati, Manager, Manchi Baphe.

About Manchi Baphe:

Manchi Baphe is a confluence of exquisite cuisines with fine taste which gives you a delightful experience. Our skilled Chef’s use the finest of the ingredients to create an elaborate spread of gourmet dishes. Blending the goodness of taste and aroma of 200 odd dishes, Manchi Baphe is a place where your every meal would be a celebratory one! 

Updated on July 27, 2021