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Paisa Paramathma motion poster unveiled by Raj Kandukuri


It has been once again proved with the recently released ‘Goodachari’ that the Telugu audience will always encourage films with potential content. Films like ‘Pelli Choopudu’, ‘Arjun Reddy’ and ‘RX 100’ have proved that people are looking at stories that will grip them but not for star power. Paisa Parmatma is such a film. Young artists Sanketh, Sudheer, Krishna Teja, Ramana, Anusha, Banisha and Aarohi Naidu are playing lead roles in the film. Vijay Jagath is producing the film under Lakshmi Suchitra Creations banner with Vijay Kiran as director. The film has completed its post-production works and getting ready for release. On the occasion of Bonalu festival, prominent producer Raj Kandukuri has launched the motion poster and first look poster.

Raj Kandukuri said, “Director Vijay Kiran has narrated me the concept of ‘Paisa Parmatma’. It is different. Al artists who worked for the film are new. Title and poster are very impressive. I wish Paisa Parmatma will become big hit and earn good name to the director and to the team.”

Director Vijay Kiran said, “Raj Kandukuri garu will always be in forefront to encourage new talent. Thanks to him for accepting our request and launched the motion poster and first look poster. How four guys and two girls get into troubles when choosing wrong ways like robbery and fraud to earn money fast and how they get out of problems - makes the story of ‘Paisa Parmatma’. The film is blended with suspense and thrilling elements along with full entertainment. Our film’s producer Vijay Jagath has made the film in an uncompromised way. GL Babu’s camera work and Kanishka’s music are the big assets to the film. Kanishka has given three fantastic songs. He has taken the film to the next level with his re-recording. I am confident that ‘Paisa Parmatma’ will give a different experience to audience and earn good profits to producers, buyers and distributors.”