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'RDX Love' Director Bhanu Shankar Chowdary Interview


Bhanu Shankar Chowdary, who won Nandi award for 'Arthanaari' movie, has now directed 'RDX Love', starring Payal Rajput of 'RX100' fame and Tejus Kancharla of 'Hushaaru' fame in the leads. This movie will be released on 11th October and the director has talked about the film's journey in an interaction with the media.

Bold Content
We have not included bold content to woo the youth. It is required for the film and we have discussed an important issue in the society through the bold content. The story has many elements that attract the youth.

Underdeveloped villages
I focused on issues like power, roads, vote etc in my previous film 'Arthanaari' and told how common man is being responsible for many issues in the society because of his irresponsible behaviour. But in 'RDX Love', we have discussed about underdeveloped villages. We went to such villages for the film's shoot. We shot the film in a remote village named Tekuru, which is about 40 kms away from Polavaram and where you can't find any network signal. I believe that audience will accept a film if it moves them and I'm sure this film will be loved.

Why Payal Rajput?
Payal Rajput is a very good actress. After watching 'RX 100', I felt that she will be very apt for the role in my film. Any other heroine would have asked me get out after hearing the story line, but Payal Rajput agreed to do this bold role, liking the story. Some heroines have rejected this film as they didn't want to act in a female oriented film. Instead of allotting dates for 70 days to this film, they just want to do four commercial films and make money. Now after making this film, I cannot imagine some other actress playing that role. Payal has done complete justice.

Payal was tensed
After the release of the first teaser, when everyone was saying that the content is bold, Payal Rajput was tensed. But I asked her not to take such comments seriously. Payal has the talent to reach greater heights like Soundarya and Anushka did.

Conscious decision
When my film 'Arthanaari' received Nandi Award, no one promoted it. So, the teaser cut of 'RDX Love' was done in such a way deliberately so that it would grab the attention.

Updated on April 18, 2020